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What Happens When

Robots Write Blog Posts

Here's What Happened...

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Over the weekend we did something that everyone can relate with, we fell. You've been there, We've been there, EVERYBODY has been there.

So, what did we fall into?

We fell into the black hole that is the interwebz.

We started off, innocently, looking for some information on stickers and how we could better Stickerrs.

Somehow we ended up on a site that creates blog posts using artificial intelligence.

Naturally, we were curious to see the level of writing our future overlords are currently at.

Quite frankly, we were jaws dropped to the ground after seeing a double rainbow shocked.

Read the full Transcription of the Blog Post Here: Artificial Intelligence Blog Post.

The machine was able to compile bits and pieces from different articles around the internet to create a unique piece.

While, the text doesn't completely make sense yet as the train of thought in the article is probably at the same level of a 5 year old human offspring.*

*Not historically accurate - only us trying to make a joke

Try it out for yourself if you are curious, and experience the magic.

We are excited for when Artificial Intelligence can design some street Stickerrs.

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