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Alcohol & Street Art

This Combination Should Be Celebrated

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Johnnie Walker and Tristan Eaton

What is amazing...

Is how well street art looks on Johnnie Walker bottles and labels.

The Diageo-owned whisky has released a unique design for each whisky in its core range – Johnnie Walker Red, Black, Green, Gold and Blue Label.

Eaton (pictured below) took inspiration from the brand’s range of flavours and aromas to create the artwork featured on the bottles.


“There are a lot of similarities between what I do as an artist and what the Johnnie Walker blenders do,” said Eaton. “We’re on a search for quality. We’re trying to find a way to master raw materials to create a final product that people will enjoy and connect with.


“Enjoying whisky should be an experience for all the senses. These limited edition gift packs are perfect for people with a keen interest in art and whisky.”


Released to coincide with the festive season, the limited edition Johnnie Walker Artists Series packs have been launched through specialist whisky retailers, with RRPs equivalent to the regular Johnnie Walker expressions.


To tie in with the release of sci-fi thriller Blade Runner 2049, Johnnie Walker partnered with film director Denis Villeneuve for a limited-edition bottling – The Director’s Cut.

Tristan Eaton, the artist behind the Johnnie Walker label art.

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