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The 'How' And 'Why' College Students Use Stickers

And, What This Means For You...

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You as a startup founder, a small business owner, or as a marketer within a large organization need to particularly pay attention to this:

Laptops covered in stickers are an essential from of expression for many Colorado State University students. (Megan Daly | Collegian)

Found on a students laptop at Colorado State University - Collegian

Self expression and discovery of identity through stickers (Kristin M. Bradshaw |

The sticker pandemic spreading around University of Georgia - RedandBlack

Students all over the US are in the sticker movement (Ethan Kasales |

Courtesy of students at Penn State University - Onwardstate

College students across America ARE decorating their laptops with stickers because this helps them create a positive association with their environment, identity, and their self-expression.

Some use stickers to remember the places they have been, others use stickers to show the world what they like, but everyone uses stickers to represent something...

So, what does that mean for those of you reading this?

You have a golden opportunity in front of you right now.

Get your stickers out to these students, immediately, and conduct some passive marketing.

It is hard to track the efforts of passive marketing, but trust us, as there is real value in passive marketing.

It is unlikely you'll know about the conversation that took place because your sticker was in the right place at the right time which resulted in a new customer, or a new team member.

Or, what if your sticker could've been the reason for how quickly word spread mouth to mouth, and that is the reason you see a spike on your Google Analytics or Mixpanel dashboards?

Stickers done (designed/printed) correctly are loved by everyone.

The only downside to sending stickers out to students is the amount of coordination involved in the whole operations which can cause a lot of frustration.

We at Stickerrs can handle this whole process for you. We send Stickerrs out to Arizona State University, University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Southern California.

That's a student population of 200,000 students that could potentially get exposed to your product/service, and we are constantly working to add new schools.

Email us at to get started.

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