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The Graffiti, The Street Art, and The Story

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We were shocked. Shocked like when you find out your mother is a cryptocurrency investor.

We were inspired and awed. Inspired and awed like when you hear a positive story portraying the human spirit, and it's limitless potential.

We were literally shaking with excitement.

So, what was the cause of this ground shaking excitement???

We discovered the world of street art. At first, we could not believe what we were seeing and how dope everything looked. We've all seen street art but how often have we stopped and noticed the intricate details of these pieces constructed by very talented people.

This place is a fantastic mix of edgy, I don't give a f*ck about anything vibes, blended with idealistic values put together into picture form.

For a lot of street artists, like Shepard Fairey it is a way to impact society through their works.

In society, there are a few different ways to influence someone...

The easiest form of influencing is to influence people through speech.

We've all influenced people through our speech from:

  • Influencing our friends on where to go for lunch
  • Influencing someone online to buy something from you
  • Influencing people by giving a speech you are passionate about
  • Influencing people by getting upset and yelling at them

The harder form of influencing is to influence people through thoughtfulness.

This form of influencing is much more difficult to achieve because it delves into psychology and makes people think for themselves.

What are some examples of this??

Brands do a great job of this.

Are Nike shoes that much better than it's competitors shoe? No, but because Nike's brand is so strong it influences people psychologically. If one lives an active lifestyle or is cool that person will most likely buy and wear Nike's first.

This is the type of influence artists and their work fall under. Shepard Fairey has now become an influencer due to his work.

President Obama and Progress | Hope

Barbara Kruger is another artist that has been influencing people with her work.

Battleground - Barbara Kruger

"All types of influence have one thing in common. Influence gives the directionless direction and makes them move."

Doesn't this sound like a magical place??

We LOVE this place at the intersection of graffiti, street, and art.

This is why, where, and how our journey started.

Ever since our initial discovery, we made it our mission to impact the world by spreading street art far and wide.

There are amazing artists on Instagram, and we are constantly looking for new partners to join our awesome crew of partners to spread street art all over.

Stay woke out there and keep an eye out for street art.

Consider picking up a pack of Stickerrs for yourself or for your friends, and know that the artists will get supported!

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