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This Thing Hasn't Changed Even After 4 Years

It's Definitely Still A Thing In Tech And In Startups

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What is this thing that hasn't changed?

"People love stickers in tech."

From CEOs on down to every member on the team - people love to deck out their laptops with stickers.

Dennis Crowley's (ex-CEO of Foursquare) laptop is decked it out with a variety of stickers that represented something to him.

We personally like the US Soccer "Don't Tread On Me" sticker, because it is a great time when we as Americans rally together for a sport that 75% of us don't understand, but we are just rallying because of national pride.

Fast forward 4 years and guess what?

"People still express themselves with stickers on their lap tops in tech."

This trend looks like it is here to stay because....

"...the decorated laptop lid [is] a form of storytelling, as scattered as its narrative may be. Where has this person been? What online services do they use and love the most? What motivates them? Are they making a political statement? Details like this reveal so much more about a person than whether or not there’s a glowing, Apple-shaped logo on their computer."



When team members ask other team members those questions above it helps foster a connection towards one another. The more connections we forge with others the more positive of an association we have, and if this is done within the workplace this means you get closer team members who are more willing to go above and beyond for each other.

Here at Stickerrs, we want to keep the stickers in tech tradition alive like fine wine and cheese, or popcorn and movies, or peanut butter and jelly. Tech and stickers just go hand in hand.

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